Look around and sense your moment, there is no need for comments

How to use what you really are, can come across as very far

If you chose to see within – the center, it will become a whole new adventure

The place we know there is very still and clear, do not agree with any fear

To know this stillness and clearity

will bring you the perspectives of illuminating the illusion of reality and fantasy

from there we are able to allow the creativity



I start from the Stars, looking around the planets

Seeing our beloved planet earth

what comes to my mind is the birth

I zoom in to get to know the sky

what a grace to feel the birds fly

I remember the support of the wind

I can now see how this is all twinned

I see land and water

I want to know this anchor

I hear patterns of sounds

there is no need for words to be found

Observing houses of man kind

I wish for all of us to find our way to be realigned

So shall we come closer to what is Divine



How can we practise to know all the perspectives of one goal?

First you can try to change your own perspective into many and more

The practise will lead to so many different perspectives of yours and others

that it will create a spiral that leads to the same one and another – the goal