Emotional Capital

Emotional Capital

What is Emotional Capital?

The feelings and beliefs that help an organization’s employees to form successful relationships with each other, which is good for the organization: Having fun on the job builds a kind of capital that can translate into monetary capital. It’s what businesses know and use to create products or solve problems and ultimately create wealth. Yet knowledge is only the first of two important assets in business. The second is – Emotional experiences, values and beliefs of a company’s employees that make good working relationships and a successful business. Low emotional moral can result in conflict between employees, low morale and poor customer relations. http://www.debut-media-members.com/glossary/emotional-capital/

Emotional Capital

“We do business here, we don’t do emotions…”
Does it matter and how important is it really?

Everybody knows people who are rich and smart, but do not seem to be able to do much with their lives because of personal failings. They lack emotional capital. As a business developer and consultant I communicate daily with clients of all levels and have found that the single greatest hindrance to their business success is low emotional capital. I spend more time nurturing emotions and inspiring excitement than any other aspect of their company. If you think about it, a lack of emotional capital will affect the ability to work the plan. https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/hot-thought/201509/emotional-capital
It’s is big business, as it should be considering that people run companies. Relative to
 Emotional Capital – there are three core elements 

  1. External Emotional Capital
  2. Internal Emotional Capital
  3. Intra-personal Emotional Capital

As you might imagine, this post reflects a hope that you will begin the journey and think on the value of emotional capital and how it plays a significant role in not only the development of your company. But, the sustainability of your company and the emotional well-being of your employees within the work environment  long term.

Good luck to you…